Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work on Gamezap?
We are currently not hiring professionals to work with us.

I want to publish a game developed by me on Gamezap. How I do?
Firstly, for a game to be available in our catalog it is necessary to fulfill some basic quality requirements, so that we are able to offer a good experience to our players, that is, we do not accept any game to compose our catalog. If you believe your game meets our expectations, please contact us at

Is the portal and its content available in languages ​​other than English?
For now, all the content we manage is only available in the English language. We have no plans to offer a version of the portal in other languages ​​at this time, but we are looking into working on it soon.

Are the games available on Gamezap really free?
Yes, you don't have to pay to play. However, it is possible for some games to sell items or resources to expand their capabilities in the game environment, but you are not obligated to purchase and will not be harmed by this.

Why do I see advertisements in games?
Gamezap's business model is based on monetization. In this way, we generate revenue from the advertisements displayed in each game, which is shared with the respective game's developer. This revenue ensures that developers produce new games, while we can offer it for free.

Are the games available in the portal catalog owned by Gamezap?
No, the games are owned by several studios that work in partnership with Gamezap, and these partnerships are intended to make the games available to the target audience.